• The image of the bride: how to complement the wedding dress




    Nobody argues that the dress is the main attribute of the bride on the solemn day of marriage. But one dress cannot create a complete image. It needs to be supplemented. How to do it and which is better to use? We will tell you about the main nuances and give you some useful tips.


    Dress and wedding hairstyle

    In a wedding image, it is important to pay attention to details. And the dress should be combined not only with the figure, hair colors or skin type. Everything matters here. And the hairstyle is no exception. Beautiful hair will help to perfectly complement the exquisite wedding dresses ARIAMO, and create a complete and complete look.

    To create a wedding hairstyle, you should prepare in advance. It is necessary to strengthen the hair, restore their health, natural shine and beauty. Professional help won't hurt.

    We recommend checking out a few looks to see which hairstyle would be the perfect complement to your wedding look.

    Dress and makeup

    Skin health is something that also needs to be addressed in advance. Visit a beautician, buy high-quality care products, get rid of existing skin problems. Every girl should be able to properly care for her skin. And this applies not only to the preparation of the wedding, but also to ordinary everyday life.

    Makeup is up to you. But remember that your natural beauty should dominate. Try to highlight it. Although some brides prefer bright, non-standard images, challenging established traditions. How to act in such a situation is up to you.

    For applying makeup, use high-quality cosmetics. It is desirable that decorative cosmetics be waterproof. Because no one has canceled the tears of the bride and hot dances.

    Dress and manicure

    A beautiful manicure also helps to complement the wedding dress. And if your wedding takes place in the summer, and you have chosen open shoes, then additionally think about a beautiful pedicure.

    When creating a wedding look, remember that a manicure should not attract increased attention. Therefore, try to stop using bright colors and shades. The best solution is a varnish that is close to natural colors. Try whites, beiges, pinks, or a sophisticated French manicure with a sheer base.

    If these are delicate plain nails, they can be supplemented with decorative elements. This will make the pens beautiful and memorable, but at the same time, the manicure will not violate the integrity and harmony of your wedding look.

    Dress and accessories

    This includes wedding gloves, handbags, jewelry and so on.

    By the way, another important wedding accessory for a bride is a bouquet. It is also desirable to choose it for the created image in order to make it really harmonious.